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Raw Honey

pure, raw honey
100% raw honey


Net Weight: 250g 8.9 oz.


Raw Honey

Bees in our apiary have two roads. One of them leads straight into the forest. High trees, various bushes and weeds create the extraordinary color of the honey, which can vary from golden yellow to dark brown or even – light grey. The taste of this honey is very exceptional. It consists of the flavors of maples, oaks, hawthorn, willow, rowan and blueberries. Forest honey is a perfect cure to various illnesses. It can be used as an antibacterial or anti-inflammatory natural medicine, or as well as the pain reducer or a treat for respiratory problems. The other road for our bees – the wild, natural grasslands. Picked from various meadow flowers: oregano, thyme, lily, cornflower and wild strawberries, the honey gets a golden yellow or beige tint. Its aroma is enticing and the taste is rich and delightful. The meadow honey is rich with vitamins B and C. It can be used to treat cold or strengthen your immune system.

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