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Honey and kuding tea

honey with kuding tea, kuding tea
Net Weight: 250g 8.9 oz.


100% raw honey with pure natural ingredients


Honey and Kuding tea

The taste of natural honey and the Kuding tea is so exceptional, that it can not be compared to any other type of tea. The bitternes of the Holy Ilex leaves enrichens the honey with vitamins and various minerals, which, according to Chinese medicine, can help us stay healthy, be fit and live a long life.

Kuding tea 

Kudin tea was used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years and is still used in modern times. It is a tea which can help one to be healthy and fit. It tastes bitter, but nonetheless Kuding tea contains more than 200 important and therapeutic bioactive chemicals such as vitamin C, Aminophenol, polyphenol, Flavonoid and others. Kuding tea has been proven to be a highly valuable health drink that has therapeutic powers of cooling, cleansing, alexipharmic, antibacterial, lowering blood pressure, and improving digestion..

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