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Buckwheat Honey

Net Weight: 250g 8.9 oz.


100% raw honey with pure natural ingredients


Buckwheat Honey

Despite the amazing aroma and color of this honey, which can vary from dark yellow to light or deep brown, the taste of it is just perfect… You will not be able to compare this flavor to anything else that you‘ve tried before, as well as to stop yourself from taking spoon after spoon of it!


This honey is not just a tasty product, but also a great cure for various health problems. Buckwheat honey is known for large quantities of protein and iron and because of it, it‘s highly recommended to those, who have problems with anemia. Buckwheat honey is very useful for people with cardiovascular disease (atherosclerosis), circulatory or digestive disorders. It is also said, that it can help after various bone fractures, since as it stimulates the regeneration of bone tissues. Buckwheat honey consists of materials which can help prevent hardening of the arteries and protect organism from Alzheimer’s or stroke.

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