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The idea of „Hive inspiration“ honey came up unexpectedly, when two friends were sitting in the wild nature, drinking tea in the valley where yellow and blue hives were resting.


One of them was a loving beekeeper who cared about his little unstoppable workers unconditionally. And the other – passionate explorer of the world of spices, often forgetting to enjoy the natural miracles that is around him. And the meeting went like always… The beekeeper trying to teach the respect for all the hard work of bees and the amazing liquid gold that we can get of their hard working.


‘‘But what if we sprinkle some chili, cumin or even put a bit of anise in the honey? ‘‘, thought the other friend. He took a spoon of honey and sifted some spices in it. As first friend took the spoon and carefully tasted this new invention, his eyes grew wider and wider, because the sensation in his mouth was incomparable to anything else and he just smiled and nod his head in approval. After a long process of balancing the spices, now, we invite you to try this totally new and unique flavor…